Creating a safe and beautiful deck is our first priority. No matter the type of deck you are searching for, we completely deliver. Our experts intensely prepare for each new project and are properly trained plus have hands on experience.

Custom decks are no problem for us! We can build them from the ground up with quality materials that ensure you and your family are safe and happy with our work.

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No matter how you envision your dream deck, McKinney Deck and Fence Co. will be with you every step of the way to make it come true. We are dedicated to complying to intense safety standards and creating a long-lasting deck. We know these decks are strong and beautiful and we are proud of what we do. Building a deck can be dangerous with lots of complications. Our experts know this and have the experience and drive needed to get the job done.

Our work on decks transcends to arbors, carports, and patio covers, we can build whatever you need with high grade materials and great pricing. Whether your goal is to block the sun, create a better outdoor living space, or protect your vehicles, we can make it happen.

After scheduling a consultation, one of our experienced McKinney Deck and Fence experts will meet you at your project site. We will walk you through what needs to be done and give you a completion time frame and quote for free.

We know you will be proud of the work we do for you. That’s why you should trust McKinney Deck and Fence Co.