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Here at Farmersville Fence and Deck, we believe in building decks and fences with quality materials and smiling contractors. We specialize in installing, replacing, and repairing decks, fences, and more made of a wide variety of materials. Homeowners all over Farmersville, Texas home trust us to complete all their fencing needs and deck projects.

With over 10 years of experience in building custom decks and fences, we make sure every step of your project is accurate and stable. We believe that everyone deserves privacy and quality, that’s why Farmersville Deck and Fence goes through extensive lengths to make sure every project we complete meets your satisfaction.

Farmersville FENCES

We are happy to repair broken fences, install new fences and gates, or tear down and replace existing ones. Choosing the right material for your fence will affect the style and presentation of your home, as well as the maintenance you will be providing in the future.


Farmersville Deck and Fence Co. can create the custom gate of your dreams. Options can include an automatic gate opener or rolling gates. Let us install your gate and using our experts. After your consultation, our team will design it to fit your house for free.


Creating a safe and beautiful deck is our first priority. No matter the type of deck you are searching for, we completely deliver. Our experts intensely prepare for each new project and are properly trained plus have hands on experience.

Tell us your vision and we will work with you to guarantee it come true with the highest quality and future easiest care. Our knowledge in deck building makes sure we consistently meet all requirements and our fence accuracy will amaze you. Let us be an addition to creating the perfect space for you and we won’t let you down.

Our Farmersville Fence and Deck experts are more than happy to answer any questions and are able to work with you in any way you need. Helping make a beautiful home reach its full potential and provide safety and comfort to the owners is our passion. Tell us what your dream deck would look like and we can help you build it from the ground up

Want more privacy? We can tell you all your fence and gate options and suggest the correct material to fit your needs. Choosing our expert contractors at Farmersville fence and Deck repair will ease your concerns and ensure your perfect fence or gate can be well built and maintained. We tailor every aspect to your vision and never hesitate to tell you any project details. Find out more about what we suggest for your home by giving us a quick call. One of our experts will reach out to you and discuss your project concerns and solutions.

Working with us, you will quickly find out why we are Farmersville, Texas’ premier choice for installation, repair, and replacement of decks, fences, gates, and arbors. Schedule an appointment today with Farmersville Fence and Deck Co. to get your project started and in trustworthy, hard-working hands.


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